Open Shoot Session

Open Shoot Session (1 hour) – Members Only

Basic Members

$10 per person (tax included) / per session with equipment rental (Any of the following: Recurve bow, arrows, arm guard, finger tab & quiver)
$8 per person (tax included) / per session without equipment rentalArchers with rental equipment maximum shooting distance is 15M.
Archers with their own equipment can shoot from 18M & up.
Compound bow minimum shooting distance is 18M.* In order to be come a Member,  an introductory session with Gum Ying Richmond Archery is required.
(Customer must fill out all the required information on the membership application in order to get a membership)Experienced archer can be certify by one of our Gum Ying Archery Instructor (By Appointment only) *
There will be a $15 fee for certification. Certification includes a one hour open shoot session.

Membership is only valid for one year. Anyone one who took the Beginner lesson but did not shoot for over a year will need to be re-certify.
Re-certification fee is $5.

Booking is required for all open shoot sessions
Advanced payment is required for all bookings
As space is limited, there will be no refunds for no shows once a booking or package has been purchased.
* Every customer must sign a waiver form, or at least have one on file, before you are allowed to do any archery activities in range. *